The bank provides merchant banking (credit, savings, services) and private asset management to companies of various sizes, institutional establishments and high-level private customers. Conventional banking services, a wide range of investment funds, all foreign transactions and individual tax and asset management
consulting are available to the bank's customers.

The bank, however, has also chosen to privilege certain lines :

• services linked to the private asset management activity,
• international activities, thanks to the partnership with Banca Sella in Italy, and privileged relationships with
the ten other "Groupement Européen de Banques"members,
• banking services to organisations for social welfare,
• financial engineering (consulting and evaluation, mergers and takeovers).

Business strategy

The bank continues its expansion,with priority given to private assetmanagement, according to the bank's strategic plan. Thus, total consolidated commission earnings reached 66.7%of the 2014 total income.

The loan activity business continues to be developed in a cautious way, taking advantage, in line with the bank's tradition, of its excellent knowledge of its customers and concentrating on short-term loans. In the company sector, the bank's risk-sharing is being extended thanks to reinsurancemechanisms.

This policy allows regular and controlled growththrough the diversificationof its income sources :merchant banking, asset and portfoliomanagement, specific services, bank-insurance...
In terms of the management of its own assets, and so as to maintain its independence regarding the markets, the bank always keeps large cash reserves.